Atom Group




To trust in ATOM GROUP is to establish in your company a professional team expert in your business, who is going to be with you to be able to help you to grow in your sector and who is going to be in charge for optimizing your processes all time , providing you the most advanced and competitive solutions of the market.

Worldwide Presence

ATOM GROUP has got a wide network of collaborators with the aim to offer a quality service worldwide.

Qualified Professionals

Our team consists of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Satisfaction & Commitment

Building up an ongoing relationship with our customers, our priorities are the commitment and the research of your satisfaction.

Continuous Innovation Process

Our engineering processes let us to improve the products every day, to be able to adapt us to the market in an efficient way.

Technology and Control

We use the newest technology to optimize the production and quality, minimizing the risk of refunds.

Value Added Manufacturing

ATOM GROUP controls all steps in the process: planning, design, manufacture and the set up.

Enviromental Commitment

A strong environment commitment in our products and in our intern procedure.

Competitiveness & Performance

Our products, services and solutions have the goal of adding competitiveness to our customers.