Atom Group



ATOM GROUP, your partner in the converting industry

ATOM GROUP is a global company that was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive solutions of high quality machinery flexible packaging industry and packaging. The result of the union of a group of companies with extensive experience in the converting sector, develop applications that our customers need. Needs previously studied by a group of senior engineers, in order to always offer more advanced technological solutions and give greater value to your business. Within our comprehensive service, ATOM GROUP gives top priority to after-sales service, trying whenever possible to resolve any issues into via telematics to maximize the performance of their teams.



ATOM GROUP is a company with strong business convictions, which we transfer to our products and services with the objective to build up an ongoing relationship with the customer and quality solutions for the converting industry.

Commitment with the customer

The main goal of our philosophy is the commitment with our customer. We work to satisfy his daily needs and to get the highest standards of quality and service.

ATOM GROUP is a close and committed company. We believe that the first step to reach our objectives is to establish a direct and close service with our customer, attending his concerns and offering a high level advice thanks to the gained expierence.

Excellence in Service

A key value for ATOM GROUP is to deal with the requests of our customers with the best efficiency and as soon as possible. We listen and we make business relationships with the aim of comprehend, solve and detect all their concerns.

Our commercial team works to know the reality of each company and the reality of the product that each customer wants to manufacture. Then, we can respond to any need. To be able to do that, we offer a wide range of services, from the analysis of the project to the development of the engineering, manufacture of machinery, set up of services and after-sales service.


In ATOM GROUP we are convinced that innovation makes the difference and that is the key to reach our business excellence, and even more important, to make our customers to take advantage of it.

We work in a global and flexible manner, we improve constantly in all levels: commercial service, project analysis and our customer's needs, logistic activity and chain suppliers.

Competitiveness and value

ATOM GROUP works to get the highest values in industrial competitiveness, in technology and service, from a progressive and sustainable growth of its structure .

Our mission is to provide to our customers the most efficient and competitive solutions in all levels.

Responsibility and Implication

From the moment that a client counts on us, ATOM GROUP starts by taking part of his business structure . We are responsible for the quality of his final products, and therefore we are completely involved in service and dedication to be able to offer solutions and experience all time.

ATOM GROUP has got the aim of growing in an ongoing and collaborative way with our client.

Environment and Ecology

ATOM GROUP is a company with a sensitive and respectful vision with the environment. We develop our daily activity following the principal basics of energy saving and appreciating the natural resources.

In manufacture, we invest resources and important efforts to innovation, with the aim that our products provide sustainability and efficiency to our customer, always with respect to all quality standards and conditions demanded by the market, We adapt ourselves to new technological possibilities.